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Here’s a broad overview of our multi-disciplinary expertise

Azizi Group


As the largest privately-owned construction company in Afghanistan, Onyx Construction Company achievements are a synergy between local and foreign architects and engineers. The expatriates provide the Afghans with the transfer of technology, knowledge and experience and the local builders implement the global standards in the construction industry. Its highly creative and illustrious individuals in the construction industry are responsible for creating some of the most unique, outstanding and visionary projects in the UAE, Singapore and Germany.

Currently, it has seven premiere development projects in Kabul: Bakhtawar Palace on Qasabi Street, Shar-e-Naw; Azizi Center in Char rahi Malik Asghar Square; Azizi Millie Palace in Dehmazang Square; Azizi Star in Kolola Postha; Azizi Village in Karte Naw; Azizi Plaza in Macroyan and Azizi Tower in Char-Rahi Ansari, Shar e Naw.

Brick by brick, Onyx Construction Company is actively helping in the growth of the Afghan economy and reshaping of the country’s landscape. Brick by brick, it is paving the way for the development of Afghanistan as a modern state in the years to come.

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