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Bakhtar Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Azizi Bank and was renamed from the Development Bank of Afghanistan after its acquisition from Da Afghanistan Bank, the central bank of Afghanistan. The bank started operations on 21 June 2009 and has quickly grown its network to comprise 62 branches across Afghanistan. The bank has as its clientele a mix of individual depositors, government organizations as well as well as non-government organizations, international institutions, foreign militaries and private enterprises have drawn from the construction and infrastructure, trading, agriculture and the telecommunications sector.

Compliant with the local regulations, the Bakhtar Bank conforms to international standards and is in consonance with Islamic finance tenets. With a mission to assist the Afghan business community to prosper, bank employees are customer focused and work to a strict code of ethics. The banks’ stated vision is to be a strong and profitable organization that sets the benchmark for the banking industry. The bank’s core values include customer centricity, ethics, transparency, and with a strong accent on teamwork.

At Bakhtar Bank, we follow a strict code of conduct of our employees. The key focus is on customer care and we aim to make each and every customer happy and offer services that will ensure total customer satisfaction. We are committed to conducting in all our business transactions with honesty, sincerity, openness and adhering high ethical standards and value open and honest communication with our clients and business partners.

The bank encourages entrepreneurship and recognizes that entrepreneurship is key to the success of the Afghan economy and work to promote it in every way possible by empowering our clients through supportive counsel. Underlining the entire mandate of Bakhtar Bank is a strong sense of professionalism and we acknowledge that adopting it will allow the bank to grow dynamically as also fuel the growth of the Afghan economy. We offer service on par with global standards and adopt best practices in all our dealings

Your today’s and tomorrow’s bank

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